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6 Tips on How to Produce More Natural HGH in the Body

The human growth hormone is an essential hormone that is developed by the pituitary gland. It is very important in supporting the development of the body all through the formative years of an individual. During maturity, it is excellently useful in maintaining the strength of the bone, metabolism and conservation of the muscles. Individuals who […]

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HGH Supplement – A Knowhow

HGH supplement or human growth hormone is a very important hormone required by a body for its development. Lot of people needs HGH supplements for various causes. It can be prescribed to children, adolescents or adults who are diagnosed with hormone deficiency. A healthy human being might not need it as a supplement but if […]

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Damaged Tissues

The intake of alcohol can actually lead to the inflammation of your liver cell. This is because alcohol contains a very large quantity of calories. It can take your body about half an hour to breakdown a 12 ounce beer. And each gram of alcohol contains 7 calories. Amazingly these calories contain no vitamins or […]

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Slow healing

As an athlete or somebody that trains to keep fit, alcohol can affect the ability of your body to repair injuries. Whenever you train, your body tear down muscle tissues in hope of repairing it. It is when the tissue is being repaired that your body develops that good looking physique. Normally, your body is […]

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The Impact of Alcohol on Fitness

Do you take a bottle of beer or beers after a hard workout? You are not alone, a lot of people do this right after a session but do you know that research by the American College of Sports Medicine shows that a single bottle of alcohol can undo all your effort to keep fit? […]

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