Damaged Tissues

The intake of alcohol can actually lead to the inflammation of your liver cell. This is because alcohol contains a very large quantity of calories.

It can take your body about half an hour to breakdown a 12 ounce beer. And each gram of alcohol contains 7 calories.

Amazingly these calories contain no vitamins or minerals and cannot be converted to glycogen. So the calories are eventually stored as fat in your liver. This could have negative effect on your liver thereby affecting the production of vitamin D.

Alcohol Triggers Hunger

Drinking alcohol will facilitate the effect of enzymes on your body. And this increases the metabolic rate of your body, you’d become very hungry.

And by so doing you could settle for fast foods or fried foods that will increase the storage of fat to your muscles. This alters your physique and your effort to keep fit.

Alcohol Inhibit Fat Metabolism

Breaking down alcohol produces a lot of ethanol and enzymes known as Acetyl-coA. Acetyl-coA is effective in the production of energy to the body.

But unfortunately, the body recognizes these two substances as toxic to your system thereby shutting down all the other metabolic activities in your body.

Your body now channels all of its resources towards getting rid of these substances tagged “Toxic”. And by so doing it stores all other food forms in the body till it has finished getting rid of the alcohol in your system.

By implication, it shows that almost everything you eat before and after taking alcohol is stored in your body as fat instead of burning it immediately.

Alcohol and Your heart rate

Alcohol can increase the risk of developing an uncommon heartbeat. When you engage in fitness exercises this risk increase even more.

Once you develop a heart problem you can no longer do much fitness exercise neither can you do many activities. But if you try to do these fitness activities at such times you would end up stressing your organs.

Alcohol and Your Stomach

Yeast plays an important role in the making of alcohol. Alcohol is a derivative of the yeast digestion on some ingredients.

Everybody reacts to different things. It is possible for you to experience some irritations on the wall lining of your stomach due to yeast.

Once your stomach wall is affected, it will affect the rate at which your stomach digests and absorbs food.

This will subsequently affect your fitness because you will experience low muscle growth.