Slow healing

As an athlete or somebody that trains to keep fit, alcohol can affect the ability of your body to repair injuries.

Whenever you train, your body tear down muscle tissues in hope of repairing it. It is when the tissue is being repaired that your body develops that good looking physique.

Normally, your body is supposed to produce White Blood Cells (WBC) in the areas where you had tear or injury. This WBC helps with the rapid repairs of the affected areas.

But in circumstances when you have loaded your system with alcohol, this process is altered because alcohol interferes with this repair process by impairing the production of WBC.

So the rate of muscle repairs is very slow or in some cases hindered. Thereby affecting fitness

Alcohol Affects your Sleep

As an athlete or somebody that trains to keep fit, you need good sleep. However the intake of alcohol will cause you to take longer to fall asleep or make you to have a short sleep. And this could shorten your entire resting period.

In Conclusion,

Alcohol also poses dangerous threats to your body on the long run. They could lead to serious heart diseases, liver disease, and cancer. This can stop you from partaking in any form of activity including fitness.

It is important you know that excessive intake of alcohol is harmful to your general body fitness. Moderation is a major key to a healthy living.