The Impact of Alcohol on Fitness

Do you take a bottle of beer or beers after a hard workout?

You are not alone, a lot of people do this right after a session but do you know that research by the American College of Sports Medicine shows that a single bottle of alcohol can undo all your effort to keep fit?

They have shown there is a relationship between fitness and alcohol intake.

So before you take the next bottle after a session, here are some facts.


It is true that a little alcohol can increase your endurance and strength but its effect will only last for a few minutes.

The effect of alcohol intake will eventually have a negative impact on your fitness regimen.

The research conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine has proven that alcohol has a way of hindering athletic performance and altering your body physique.

The research showed that alcohol can impair reaction time, balance, stability and coordination, all of which you need for optimal athletic performance.

When alcohol is consumed, the liver and the kidney play a major role in digesting or breaking it down.

To do this the liver neglects it normal function of breaking down stored glucose (glycogen) in the body and focus on the digestion of alcohol.

By so doing you will experience fatigue and in some cases the muscles of the body will experience slow growth because the glycogen that is meant to be broken down to release energy to your body is not available.

Once there is slow muscle growth, you will see little or no results from your exercises.

How Alcohol Affects The Body


Alcohol can lead to dehydration, especially when you consume large quantities.

This is so because alcohol is diuretic.

Diuretic substances tend to increase the flow of urine, which causes the body to get rid of ………water.

Since alcohol is very concentrated and the kidney needs to break it down it then tries to reabsorb water from different parts of the body in order to process the alcohol thereby leading to heavy dehydration.

As your system dilutes the alcohol there’s tendency for you to empty your bladder at regular intervals.

This can trigger painful muscle cramping which could affect your exercise and daily performance.

Reduced Muscle Growth

Alcohol intake can impair the process of protein synthesis which lays a major role in the development and repairs of your muscle cells.

In some cases the alcohol reduces the level at which testosterone is produced in your body. This leads to the increase in production of cortisol.

This cortisol hormone is harmful to the muscle because it is an adrenal-cortex hormone that is active in carbohydrate and protein breakdown. This leads to a rapid muscle loss.

To prevent muscle loss, it is advisable that you avoid drinking alcohol immediately after or before you hit the gym for your fitness routine.

During this time, you may decide to drink water or better still go for sports drinks.